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photographs by Jimmy Liew
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Catch me if you can

Happen to catch this at our maiden trip to the Istana when its gate opened for the Hari Raya Puasa holiday.

MTR stations

A series of fun photos we took along the various MTR stations in Hong Kong.

See more of our Hong Kong trip here in Flickr.


A quick snap while on a train traveling from the Hong Kong International Airport to town.

See more of our Hong Kong trip here in Flickr.

Faded stars

Little India is a treasure trove of things to shoot. From people, to places, to interesting objects. Little India is also a haven for all things Bollywood, from collection of DVDs, to the latest soundtracks. I happen to find these faded posters at some back corners and loves how it is sort of symbolised the short lifespan of Bollywood stars. Added a touch of Holga effect while trying out the new Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Yellow windows

Chinatown still has the best collection of old colonial shop houses although redevelopment and weird paint jobs meant having an eclectic mixed of new and old buildings among the business district.

West meet East

Caught these two dudes at Far East Square donning the Chinese hat with pigtails…hilarious.

Pleasure overload

Seems like someone wanted to peel the photo of the “Dubster Girl” from the wall. This was part of a Lomo-photography exhibition held along the underpass leading to Esplanade.

Street gallery

I took this right at the busy junction of the Orchard underpass between Orchard MRT and Tangs, the blurred view of the pedestrians juxtaposed with the light boxes showcasing photographs of a local photographer.

World's apart

Social divide at its clearest.