Seen thru this glass

photographs by Jimmy Liew
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Electrico Violet Rock

Not exactly the perfect shot, I love how the violet spot casts a halo around Electrico’s Desmond Goh.

Durian basket

A durian basket for everyone. In case you are not aware, this is the Esplanade.

Pleasure overload

Seems like someone wanted to peel the photo of the “Dubster Girl” from the wall. This was part of a Lomo-photography exhibition held along the underpass leading to Esplanade.

butt's up

This was part of the Esplanade’s opening festival.

Gold dust

Loves fireworks. Just one of many in my collection. I took this at the opening of the Esplanade back in 2002.


Another point-of-view of the Esplanade roof.

Flock of birds

Looking up the Esplanade roof.

Climbing Mt Esplanade

Caught this cleaner moving up the “durian” at the Esplanade.

3 Red ones

Looking down from the roof of the Esplanade.