Seen thru this glass

photographs by Jimmy Liew
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Relaxing by the pool in Lombok…sea seems endless.

Blue sky Green coconut

Loved how the fish eye gets everything into the frame. Taken at Lombok.

Lombok kids

Saw these kids at one of the islands off Lombok.

NDP 2008 Fireworks

Fireworks lit up the night sky as the National Day Parade came to a close.

Human wayang kulit

Wayang Kulit, or shadow puppet theatre is designated by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity … a mouthful. Here’s our life-size version of it done during the 2008 National Day Parade.

Black Knight doing the Palm Split

A black and white shot of our Black Knights going through the Palm Split manoeuvre at the 2008 National Day Parade.

Circles and vines

This was shot at the Garden Festival back in 2008.

Darth Vader

A glimpse of Darth Vader.

Awaiting the Emperor

A scene from Star Wars with the toys.

Red head

Red head doll at the Toy fair.

Doll Face

Taken at some toy fair in 2008.

Pondering Jay

Jay Chou in concert back in 2008.